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Whois Lookup: Trump's World of Domain Ownership


Whois Lookup is a convenient way to lookup domain ownership, IP addresses, SEO information, and much more. Why is it important?

Whois Lookup: Trump's World of Domain Ownership


October 26, 2020


Whois is a query and response process that is used for databases that store user information like domain names, IP addresses, and much more. Whois Lookup is a convenient way to lookup domain ownership, IP addresses, SEO information, and much more. Why is it important? A Whois Lookup can provide you information that you critically need to prevent or stop cybersecurity issues. For example, you can conveniently find the spam source that is plaguing your office by simply using the Whois Lookup provided in our dashboard tools. 

According to Medium, "In theory, the WHOIS protocol exposes a standard interface for retrieving information associated with a particular domain name. For instance, if you want to purchase allaboutfrogs.org from its owner, your first step would probably involve pulling up the relevant WHOIS record. Or if you thought you owned copyright involving allaboutfrogs, the WHOIS record is the first legal point of contact." This defense line can tell you who you want to contact or who can trace back to your contact information. 


According to Medium, "WHOIS in its current form exists only to facilitate legitimate "business" like domain name transactions or to handle various legal disputes and problems." With a Whois lookup, you can find vital information about domain ownership and contact information. 


One scandal that arose from a Whois Lookup and the domain ownership found from such a tool was the Trump Domain ownership scandal of 2017. For those that are not familiar with the scandal, according to Salon, "The Trump Organization has re-upped the domain every year of his presidency. This year it renewed its ownership on June 9, under a company called DTTM Operations, which Trump's financial disclosures show manages more than 100 company trademarks. DTTM Operations appears now to have registered a total of more than 3,000 domains, according to a whois search, including renewals for TrumpRussia.com, TrumpTowerLondon.com, and DonaldTrumpSucks.com — 2,000 more than reported in 2017." Salon continues to state, "The domain was first registered in 2008, according to internet "whois" lookups, but the Trump Organization was not the first buyer."  


The ownership of the domain was found out to be (according to Salon), "Longtime Trump associate Felix Sater, a Russian-born businessman whose efforts to build the Moscow tower date back to the early 2000s, told Salon that he turned ownership of the domain over to the Trump Organization in 2015 when Trump signed a letter of intent to develop the project." This domain was reported only two months before the Washington Post that divulged that the Trump Organization had tried to build the Russian luxury hotels and condo towers.


Synergy Infosec offers our online and easy-to-use Whois Lookup Tool, which is conveniently available on our dashboard. Clients can easily access this feature 24/7. For those who want to discuss more domain ownership or the results of their Whois lookup, Synergy Infosec offers consultation.

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