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Is It A Trick or A Treat? How to Determine If an Enticing Offer Is A Phishing Scam


There is no need to be afraid this Halloween because Synergy Infosec has your back! Don't fall victim to a phishing attack! We are your cybersecurity hero's accessible at your fingertips!

Is It A Trick or A Treat? How to Determine If an Enticing Offer Is A Phishing Scam

October 30, 2020

Congratulations, you have just won an all-expenses-paid trip to the Caribbean! All you have to do is simply click on a suspicious link to claim your prize. You think to yourself, “What a wonderful treat! I would love to take a vacation.” You decide to click on the link within the slightly suspicious email you have just been sent. Why not? What is the harm in clicking on this link to find out what this email is? Not so fast! This email could be a trick! Emails like these, promising free or enticing offers, could be a phishing attempt to gain access to your device or personal information to wreak havoc this Halloween.

To keep our devices and information safe this spooky season, let’s try to determine if an exciting and very enticing email is actually a trick or a treat. You can stop a potential phishing attack. You may be asking yourself, “What is phishing?” The National Cybersecurity Alliance states that” A phishing attack is a form of social engineering by which cybercriminals attempt to trick individuals by creating and sending fake emails that appear to be from an authentic source, such as a business or colleague. The email might ask you to confirm personal account information such as a password or prompt you to open a malicious attachment that infects your computer with a virus or malware.” With this explanation in mind, we can better determine what a phishing scam is.

According to the United States’ Federal Trade Commission, common phishing scams include attempts to retrieve your social security number, a false IRS call claiming that you owe back taxes. You will incur legal ramifications if you do not do what the scammer says, false texts or emails, or the claim that you have a check. All you have to do is deposit a check into another bank account or send a wire transfer to another person’s bank account. These examples may sound silly and easily recognizable; however, scammers rely on emotional appeals and scare tactics to exploit you.

There is no need to be afraid of this Halloween! If an offer seems too good to be true, simply think to yourself, “Is this a trick or a treat?” With caution and a good understanding of what phishing is, you can avoid scamming tricksters. Suppose you want to learn more about the impact on your personal or business devices. In that case, Synergy Infosec is here to help with our easy-to-use dashboard and our first-class consulting services to ensure that this Halloween, you can expect only treats.

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