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Using Only A ZMAP Scan, Thousands of Russian Numbers, Addresses, and Geolocations Discovered


ZMap scanning is capable of finding valuable, personal information that may be exposed

Using Only A ZMAP Scan, Thousands of Russian Numbers, Addresses, and Geolocations Discovered 

November 5, 2020


Since its rise to popularity in 2013, the ZMap scan has grown in its capability. A 2013 article from The Washington Post touted the ZMap as a groundbreaking scan capable of scanning the Internet in less than an hour. The Washington Post stated that “A team of researchers at the University of Michigan believed they could do better. A lot better. On Friday, at the Usenix security conference in Washington, they announced ZMap, a tool that allows an ordinary server to scan every address on the Internet in just 44 minutes.” Seven years ago, this was breaking news in the cybersecurity community. Now, however, we have made strides in ZMap technology, tweaking and finely tuning this type of scan. Synergy Infosec is proud to present our finely tuned, reliable ZMap Fast Scan. Gone are the days of waiting an hour for a scan. Our ZMap Fast Scan can scan in minutes. 


ZMap scanning is not just a simple, quick scan. ZMap scanning is capable of finding valuable, personal information that may be exposed. According to Meduza, a Russian news source, “On August 25, Russian programmer Leonid Evdokimov delivered a presentation at the “Chaos Constructions” IT conference in St. Petersburg, where he presented a paper titled “SORM Defects” about the public availability of Russian Internet users’ personal data.” Evdokimov presented findings that thousands of Russian’s personal information were available. The personal information found included phone numbers, addresses, and even IP geolocations. Meduza reports that “Using the open-source security scanner “ZMap,” Evdokimov found 30 more “suspicious packet sniffers” in the networks of at least 20 Russian Internet providers.” Using only ZMap Russian programmer Leonid Evdokimov was able to find thousands of Russian personal information. ZMap is no longer a new scanning technology. ZMap scanning is capable of much more than initially thought. 


Synergy Infosec’s finely tuned ZMap Fast Scan is an easy-to-use network scanner used for scanning an entire IP address in minutes. In many situations, ZMap fast scanning can take a tenth of the time an NMap scan could take. Though Nmap scanning largely focuses on port scanning and ZMap primarily focuses on IP scanning. Our ZMap Fast Scan quickly scans infrastructure and saves you time and money by being able to do this by just utilizing our dashboard scanner. Using Synergy Infosec’s finely tuned ZMap scanner can help detect potential IP vulnerabilities. This type of scanning can expose vulnerabilities that you or your team may not have been aware of.


Are you interested in other ways our ZMap scan can find vulnerabilities? Synergy Infosec offers in-depth consultations to help your business stay secure.

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