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How to Become Your Own Cybersecurity Expert In 10 steps


Would you like to solve some of your cybersecurity problems but do not know where to start? Look no further, Synergy Infosec has got you covered.

 March 25, 2021

At Synergy Infosec, we are here to help you become your own cybersecurity expert. These ten steps can help you stay on top of your cybersecurity needs and become the cybersecurity expert you are looking for. Of course, Synergy Infosec is here to fill in any gaps that you may have. 

1.Website Scanning


Protecting your website from sneaky hackers that may be praying on your website. Using one of the many website scanners available on Synergy Infosec’s easy-to-use dashboard is a great way to scan your website for things that shouldn’t be there, all while being your own cybersecurity expert.  


2. Malware protection


Malware is a sneaky way a hacker can penetrate your devices, networks, and systems. Synergy Infosec offers excellent tools and scanners to help protect against malware. Our SQL Injection scanner is perfect for detecting malware!


3. Compliance Monitoring 


Monitoring your systems and Softwares with compliance monitoring Software is a great way to protect access, confidentiality, and reliability of the data you and your business have or rely on sending. 


4. Hacking attempt management and mitigation


Hacking attempt management and mitigation is a great way to stay on top of the hacking attempts that may occur. With more extensive hacks or help with how to handle a hack, Synergy Infosec offers convenient 24/7 consultations to mitigate hacks trying to harm you or your business. 


5. Education 


Educating yourself on all areas of cybersecurity can be difficult and time-consuming. But there is no need to worry. Synergy Infosec is here to help with the heavy lifting with convenient consulting or educational blogs to help cover the basics. 



6. Easily accessible software


Easy access to software is an essential part of being a cybersecurity expert. When you or your business require cybersecurity software, the last thing you want is to download cumbersome software that needs to be updated every so often. With Synergy Infosec, you don’t have to worry about downloading security software or updating. Synergy Infosec offers web-hosted tools and scanners that can quickly and accurately access when you need it most. 


7. Vulnerability detection


Vulnerabilities in your Softwares, devices, networks, or systems can leave you and your business open to hacks. . Vulnerability scanners are bloodhounds sniffing out weak points in a network, device, or application that may allow for data loss and even cybercriminals to hacks your systems. Vulnerabilities are big business for cybercriminals. Every choice a user makes may lead to a potential hacking attempt or weakness within your networks and systems. As each day passes, your business may be stacking up the weaknesses or vulnerabilities within your system even without your knowledge. To learn more about which vulnerability scanner may work best for you check out, “Which Vulnerability Scan Works Best for You?


8. Keep work and personal devices separate. 


Cybersecurity experts agree that keeping work and personal devices separate is a great best work practice. Want to learn more about best work practices? Check out Synergy Infosec’s blog, “Best Work-From-Home Practices.


9. Keep your systems and devices up-to-date.


Keeping your systems and devices up-to-date is a great way to help limit the possibility of hacking. If you don’t think that keeping your systems or devices up-to-date applies to you? Many Instagram users felt the same as well, but in 2020, they were also the victims of a hack resulting from the use of the out-of-date Instagram application. Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) explained that this attack mainly affected applications using an older version of the application. The update that was released six months prior is the appropriate fix for this hack. They urge users to keep their applications up-to-date in order to block these potential intrusions of privacy and data collection by hackers without your knowledge or consent. Keeping your applications and devices up-to-date is a great strategy to keep potential hackers away. 

 Read more: Instagram Gave Hackers Access to Devices 


10.  Ask for help when you need it!


Asking for help when you need it is a great way to get yourself out of quicksand. 

Synergy Infosec is here to help with our convenient 24/7 consulting services to help pull you out of quicksand quickly! 

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