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Drones is The Next Wave of Cyber-Crime


The FAA has finally released a guidance for commercial drones and their identification requirements, also known as a digital license plate.

Drones: The Next Wave of Cyber-Crime?


April 22, 2021

The FAA has finally released guidance for commercial drones and their identification requirements, also known as a digital license plate. Forbes stated that “Although it's a major step in the right direction that addresses commercial drones and their use in the public domain, it is clear there is still a lot of work to be done.” This is evident to many with an interest in drones. As drones and their regulations continue to emerge in certainty, the need for a secure internet connection presents itself. 


As many know, anything that is connected to the internet, can and will be hacked given the chance. Forbes stated that “The malicious use of these platforms in the cyber domain is an inevitable fact and can no longer be pushed aside. Additionally, the issue is about to hit a point of no return as we witnessed with recent United States Government (USG) restrictions on the world's largest commercial drone company. “ 


Many are unsure of how exactly a drone can access the internet and data during flight. According to a Forbes article, “Commercial drones in today's market can be outfitted with small computing devices called raspberry pi and execute spoofing techniques to exploit unsecured networks and devices.” They continue to state that “In basic terms, the drone makes you believe you are on your network, but you are actually communicating through the drone's onboard computer as it takes over your connection.” As many have seen in hacks, networks are not the only area of concern. Your personal data is also at risk. Forbes states that “Additionally, local networks are not the only target; these platforms can also attack your personal smart devices through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. Your personal data is easily accessed by a drone simply following you down the street.” Doing a simple google search to find out how to hack a drone will yield a result of over 11 million. This information is readily available to all via the internet. Simply put if hacking a drone is simple, accessing your personal data associated with the drone will also be simple. 

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