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5G Exposes Shocking Flaws


Because the complete overhaul of how our nation's internet works. Many are concerned with what will happen and if the United States is truly ready for 5G.

5G Exposes Shocking Flaws

April 5, 2021

According to the Brookings Institute, “5G will be a physical overhaul of our essential networks that will have a decades-long impact. Because 5G is the conversion to a mostly all-software network, future upgrades will be software updates much like the current upgrades to your smartphone. Because of the cyber vulnerabilities of software, the tougher part of the real 5G “race” is to retool how we secure the most important network of the 21st century and the ecosystem of devices and applications that sprout from that network.” Because of the complete overhaul of how our nation's internet works. Many are concerned with what will happen and if the United States is truly ready for 5G. 


Brookings stresses the importance of steadfast, impenetrable cybersecurity in order to support 5G usage. They state that ‘The new capabilities made possible by new applications riding 5G networks hold tremendous promise. As we pursue the connected future, however, we must place equivalents—if not greater—focus on the security of those connections, devices, and applications. To build 5G on top of a weak cybersecurity foundation is to build on sand. This is not just a matter of the safety of network users, it is a matter of national security.” Any flaw in our nation’s cybersecurity will be exposed with the upgrade to 5G. 


Brooking issued a stern warning to private business owners and government agencies alike saying that “Such a review of 5G cyber threat mitigation should focus on the responsibilities of both 5G businesses and government. This should include a review of whether current market-based measures and motivations can address 5G cyber risk factors and where they fall short, the proper role of targeted government intervention in an era of rapid technological change. The time to address these issues is now before we become dependent on insecure 5G services with no plan for how we sustain cyber readiness for the larger 5G ecosystem.


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